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Partnering with Discovery Counseling

Discovery’s mission is to offer “Soul Care” whenever and wherever it can in helping to expand God’s Kingdom.  We feel one way of accomplishing this is by offering counseling services in churches at very affordable rates.  It is amazing to sit in a counseling room and watch God touch the lives of men and women who have struggles in varying areas for years.  Christian counseling is just another way, in a different format, to present the living Word to men and women and children suffering with the pains of our times.

Discovery Counseling, as an independent 501(c)(3), was created in 2002 with the goal to distribute its counseling efforts to churches in Central Florida.  The idea is that Discovery will, at no cost to the church, set up a counseling center in the church’s facilities and supply the licensed counselors and/or registered interns to help the church meet the needs of its members. 

The counseling center would be a collaborative effort between your church and Discovery Counseling and would work in the following manner, subject of course, to the needs of your church:

Discovery Counseling will:

  1. Provide mental health counselors or/and registered mental health interns who will counsel from a Christian perspective.

  2. Discovery will schedule all counseling sessions with the clients directly to ensure confidentiality.

  3. Verify that each counselor working at your church has, and maintains, the supervision required by law, and moreover, ensure the counselor is moving in the direction best suited for his or her clients.

  4. Ensure that each counselor is covered by professional liability insurance.

  5. Fees charged to the client will be collect by the Discovery Counselor with absolutely no obligation on the part of your church.

  6. Discovery Counseling will provide all operating systems necessary so as to operate the center, at your church, as if it were a stand-alone counseling center.

  7. From time to time Discovery will provide marketing handouts for your church to distribute to the members, subject, of course, to your approval.

Your church will only need to:

  1. Provide an office, or offices, if more than one counselor is needed, to allow for the counseling services to be provided at your church.

  2. Allow for a reception area for clients to wait for their scheduled appointment as well as for them to fill out any paperwork when necessary.

  3. Inform your church members of the counseling services available.  This can be done in any number of ways.  Some possible ways would include: providing information on the counseling center in the weekly bulletin, brief discussion on Sunday mornings, inclusion of Discovery’s handouts in the bulletin periodically, allowing one of the counselors, to speak briefly on Sundays mornings or at any other suitable times, providing a link from your website to Discovery’s, as well as many other methods.

  4. Meet with a representative of Discovery Counseling from time to time to discuss this counseling center and ways in which to improve upon it.

It is Discovery’s intention that this counseling center looks like, and becomes, the counseling center of your church.   Discovery’s sole purpose is to help God’s children in yet another way.  Discovery Counseling makes no profit from the fees charged for counseling services; the fees cover the salaries of the counselors, counselor supervision, and the other operating costs associated with running the counseling centers.

Dennis Gowin, Executive Director of Discovery Counseling, is available to meet with you to discuss the benefits of opening a center at your church. Please call 941-807-3974 to schedule an appointment or complete the contact form. 

May God bless you and your congregation.